Cool videos and very nice playing!......very cool to hear/see the guitar used in a jazz context.
David Grissom

Hi Kim, Great hearing from you and even better hearing you! Extremely tasty playing on you Youtube videos ... it's all there - chops, tone and feel. Your trio is tight, great playing all around. I'm happy to see the DGT is working out for you.
Jhayes, PRS Guitars

Kim, I always enjoy your playing. You are never overpowering and always in the pocket.  You are a very tasteful player. And a team player. It's always a pleasure to have you on deck! Thanks again for making last night such a success. Hope to get the chance to play together soon.
Maddie Leroy, vocalist

Kim our Hugh's Room was broadcast today You sounded bloody marvelous! If you missed it - I put it up on the main page of my website www.BruceCassidyMusic.com dig ya

I can't thank you enough for inspiring me to get back on my feet. It was because of your encouragement and support that I have been able to make something of myself again.
Michael Grieve

The Walrus Quartet Walrus Guitar Quartet at GigSpace
Four of Canada's most Celebrated Guitarists together in Ottawa. Enjoy an evening of superb music as you experience the interaction and musical conversations between four exceptional musicians. The quartet's original repertoire covers a wide variety of influences and stylistic approaches. Each member of the Walrus Quartet is an acclaimed guitarist and composer in their own right, and together they continue to surprise, to stretch the boundaries and to move between musical genres with ease.
Each musician's compositional style is quite different, Ellias said: "We can go in all those different directions which is kind of neat because everybody is so open and flexible and capable. The nicest thing, too, is that we're really compatible. It's just felt good instantly from the first note. "They're all really phenomenal guitarists; they're really phenomenal musicians, so they play real music on the guitar, not guitar wanking stuff. We've all been around for a few years. Everybody has a really wide range of experience and everybody has a really open mind and open ears, and so I think everybody brings a very open approach to music. I think all of us play melodically and all of us play rhythmically and we all have those basic skills down, but I think what makes it nice is that we all connect musically. We all have a non-dogmatic approach to music."

"Kim gets a lot of great sounds out of the instrument." (David Occhipinti.)

Rat4 by Ashok
"...based in Toronto, his jazz guitar leads a meeting of the minds in the Kim Ratcliffe quartet Rat4. Kim Ratcliffe Guitar Pat Collins Bass Jim Lewis Trumpet and Flugelhorn Ted Warren Drums. This kind of talent can deliver on a wide ranging show with jazz standards, pop, free music, and contemporary featuring compositions by all members of the quartet." http://www.kwjazzroom.com/2012/saturday-april-7-kim-ratcliffe-quartet/

“Now I’m not going to be able to have sex with my husband for a month, because he’s going to be down in the basement practicing guitar, trying to sound like you.”  Anonymous 05/14

Big thanks to everybody who came out last night.  Kim Ratcliffe wrote Bourbon history as one the funkiest performances in the club he is now a fav of the regulars! Can't wait to have him back!!
Stuart Steinhart on Facebook 05/14