Summer listening, 2014

Summer Listening, 2014

I had time to do some listening and I wanted to check out some new music this summer.  I was also painting some rooms in my house, a good opportunity to check out some new recordings and old favorites. In no particular order.

The Wayne Shorter Quartet, Without a Net
Vijay Iyer, Mutations -
Craig Taborn Trio, Chants
Scott Henderson, Jeff Berlin, Dennis Chambers, HBC
Rudresh Mahanthappa, Gamek
Rich Brown, Between Heaviness and Here
Roddy Ellias Trio, Monday’s Dream
Gary Husband & Alex Machacek, Now
Steve Gadd, Gadditude
Beethoven, String Quartets, #14,15,16
David Occhipinti, Camera
Mike Downes Trio/Quartet, Ripple Effect w/ Robi Botos, Ted Quinlan, Ethan Ardelli,