Fav Guitars
Beardsell Model 3F Acoustic Guitar
Beardsell Model 6 Mandolin
Godin Montreal Premier hollowbody electric
Allan Beardsell Steel String Acoustic, original model
1982 Tokai Strat w/ Wilkinson bridge, Lollar and DiMarzio pickups
Fender Tele, 60th Anniversary
Godin Multiac Nylon Encore
PRS McCarty
F. Clapton Strat, 1991
Franken-Tele redone by Mike Zimmerman (currently in a Fripp tuning)
PRS SE Custom
Pat Kelly Custom tele - Pat, a great guitar player, MD, friend and all-round great guy from Ottawa put together this great guitar for me as a gift!  Still blown away by this!

Fav Select Other Stuff
1972 Fender Deluxe Amp
Louis Buster Amp
Boogie Mark One Amp, 90’s re-issue
Vox AC15
Fender Blues Junior

Trinity College mandolin, octave mandolin, Celtic bouzouki
Sigma D-28 style acoustic
Leedy Olympian 4 Str. Plectrum Banjo
Washburn 5 Str. Banjo
National Lap Steel
Tenor & Baritone Ukeleles
National Style Resonator Guitar
Baldwin el. 12 Str.
Schmidt Autoharp

D'Andrea ProPlec 351 1.5mm picks
Lollar Pickups
Evidence Audio Cable

Pedals -  If I'm not running straight into the amp, I have 2 setups, a big one, and a small one, and the odd time with an auxilliary board for more eclectic (for me) stuff.  I'll swap stuff in and out a bit depending on the gig. 

I've been getting a lot of help from my cousin, Mike Pisarchuk, in Edmonton, who has an online music business buying and selling gear, mostly pedals, and he's very knowledgeable and an excellent guy to get on your side for finding whatever you're looking for.  Check him out! 

The 'big' setup is roughly as follows - Arc Effects Klone v. 2 dist. (and buffer) to - Xotic SP Compressor to - Xotic AH1 Soul Driven - to -  Source Audio Orbital Modulator - to - Rockman active Volume pedal to - Dr. Scientist BitQuest to - Source Audio Nemesis Delay - to - RJM ToneSaver buffer/ isolated splitter. power - VoodooLab Ped. Power 2.   Sometimes a Vox Wah out front. 

Other distortions that I'll sometimes swap in are the Love Pedal Amp 11, Suhr Riot, the Maxon 808 re-issue (pretty close to an '81 original I had), Screddy Screwdriver, Tone City Bad Horse, Maxon SD9.  Strymon El Capistan delay sometimes. 

The second smaller board - my 'jazz' setup - is basically a Timmy,

MXR Carbon Copy Delay, and a Malekko Spring Chicken Reverb. (I might also include the JHS Prestige Buffer at the end.   Maybe swap in an Xotic EP Booster).

Not that Jim Hall needed any of this stuff (but he used a Whammy pedal, chorus, and 2 amps sometimes!).